Extraordinary puppet shows for your special event. 

Extraordinary Puppet Shows

Elk Puppets performs a variety of shows to suit your event needs. These include...

  • Story Shows: Elk Puppets offers thrilling puppet shows inspired by various stories and tales, including seasonal shows such as Christmas and Easter. (see prices below)
  • Ventriloquist Shows:  A professional ventriloquist puppet show featuring tricks, comedy skits, and songs.
  • Values Shows: These puppet shows are tailored towards schools, church groups, kindergartens, and more. They focus on teaching important values like honesty, courage, forgiveness, compassion, trust, kindness, and more.
  • Puppet Workshops: "Puppet Workshops" offer hands-on learning opportunities to explore the art of puppetry.
  • Kids Party Shows: A special birthday themed show with party songs, games, and puppet fun, perfect for any kids party!
  • Elk Puppets also offers shows for seniors, disability services, puppetry consultations, carols events and public speaking at events.
Shows can be tailored for events and functions. Speak to Chris to find out more.

Shows and Prices

What’s included
Prices (2024) 
Event show





Community Groups

A 30 minute puppet show featuring 12 puppets with sing along songs & dances, games with audience involvement, a funny story segment, and comedy routine. This is a great show for kids ages 2-7 years!  

Suitable for any event, including libraries, parties, functions, family days, festivals.

*The show duration can be modified depending on your needs. 

From $300.00

Ventriloquist Show





Community Groups

Up to 40 minute ventriloquist show. Family friendly 'old school' fun. Includes party tricks, comedy skits, professional ventriloquist puppets, songs and audience participation.

Great for seniors, functions, events, theatres and hotels.

From $300.00

Story Shows




OSHC Holiday Programs

Community Groups

30 minute puppet show based around a story/nursery rhyme or fairytale (various stories). Includes songs and games. Popular option for kinder (ages 3-4)/primary age groups (Years Prep-3). 

Great for libraries, parties & junior/middle primary

Stories include: Jack & Jill, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, The story of Incy Wincy, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Miss Muffet & more.   

From $300.00

Puppet Workshop

Schools (Grades 3+)


Community Groups

OSHC Holiday Programs

1 hour+ puppet workshop, including puppetry skills, history, learning to operate a puppet, class sets of TV style hand/rod puppets, script writing tips, character development and voice projection.

An additional cost can be organised for puppet making with either sock puppets or glove puppets. 

From $350.00


Elk Puppets came to run a session at our school... The children loved it!  Chris Elkington was very engaging and held the full attention for nearly an hour. The Puppets and Ventriloquism was fantastic. Will definitely book again!


Waverley Christian College

 Packages (cont)
 What's included
Prices (2024)  
Disability Services 

An interactive show with puppets, photo opportunities, meet & greet time, songs, percussion instruments, comedy and fun. The show can be tailored to your group. Suitable for adults and children. *Discuss duration on enquiry

From $300

Aged Care Shows

 This 40 minute show features puppets inspired by Elvis and Dusty. With songs including Danny Boy, Rockin Robin, Amazing Grace and broadway tunes. There are magic tricks, audience participation and meet & greets. A pleasant and memorable experience for your clients.  

From $300

Values Shows

Government Schools^ (Aus curriculum)

Non-Government Schools

Outreach & Churches*

20-30 minute values based puppet shows (various stories and topics are available).

Shows include- puppet story focused on a theme, songs, interactive game with audience and a teaching and discussion/reflection questions. Additional PDF small group/lesson notes can be added.

Great for educational settings^, churches*, outreach events*, camps etc. 

^Government school shows are non-religious shows aligned to the Victorian Curriculum. 

*Church and outreach shows contain Christian content/teaching. These shows can be aligned to your syllabus.   

Prices on enquiry

Puppetry Consultations 



Childcare Educators

Are you interested in learning more about puppets?, need some training or have an event you'd like some assistance in planning. Elk Puppets has experience in this area. 

Online group consults can be arranged for teachers or groups as well as online professional consults from adults. 


Per hour.

Elk Puppets