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Elk Puppets Chris Elkington

About Elk Puppets

Elk Puppets performs puppet shows across Melbourne and Victoria. Chris Elkington aka 'Elk' (puppeteer/teacher) has been entertaining with his puppets for kids parties, churches, seniors clubs, libraries, not for profits, schools, kinders and more for over 15 years. Elk Puppet shows are entertaining, educational and family friendly. 


Chris Elkington aka "Elk" is a fully qualified school teacher with a Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership and also has a Diploma of Puppetry Studies with performance experience. Chris has been working with puppets since he was a child. He then branched into schools using puppets to teach in the classroom from 2009.
In 2017, Chris registered his puppet shows as a sole trader and not long after became known as "Elk Puppets". His puppets have appeared as guests on community television (C31 Melbourne & C44 Adelaide), regional radio and local newspapers across Vic. Chris is a member of UNIMA Australia and enjoys networking with puppeteers and entertainers across Australia. He has a particular interest in hand/rod puppets, ventriloquism, puppet history, puppet ministry and puppets for special needs. 
Chris is also the co-founder of Melbourne Puppet Kerfuffle (est. 2021) a separate business that provides wellbeing and resilience themed incursions to schools and kindergartens across Victoria.   
Chris Elkington 1990s

About puppets

Puppets are used for various reasons. They can be used for entertainment, education, and storytelling. Puppets allow performers to bring characters to life and engage with audiences in a fun and interactive way. They can also be helpful in teaching children important lessons and skills. Puppets provide a unique way to captivate and engage young learners, helping to make learning enjoyable and memorable. Some famous puppeteers include Jim Henson, who created the 'Muppets' and 'Sesame Street' characters, Shari Lewis, who had a popular puppet named 'Lamb Chop' and ventriloquist Edgar Bergen. These puppeteers and many others have used their skills to entertain and bring joy to people through the art of puppetry.

(Pictured left) Kubu the Zebra with Elk.

Elk Puppets Chris Elkington